USB is not shown in system tray

I have an external HDD, with 3 partition. When I plugged it in, the entries are shown dolphin
But no symbol in system tray.

Can I add it in system tray and umount all (all partion of single USB device) in a single click.

Can you clarify? Is there no device notifier at all in your system tray or does the device not show up? (Maybe you have to click on the little up-arrow)

There are other device notification in system tray, like for bluetooth, armrock, lock … But no USB.

You mean like in Windows?
It doesn’t happen like that in Linux

By default in kde these partitions are not mounted until you open them.
To unmount, just right click in dolphin’s places


Suppose I opened all three partition in in USB HDD, then I had to unmount each of it separately. It is more difficult when I connect two HDD with more than 1 partition.

So, is there any way to group these partition, so that I can unmount it easily?

Sorry I must be missing something.
Once you partition a HD, each partition is basically treated separately.

I can’t see the difficulty in the method.
I don’t think what you ask is possible. Least it wouldn’t make sense to me, or seem in the least bit sensible either.

I just want to unmount all mounted partition of an HDD in one click (just like in windows). now i just type “umount /mnt/*” :slight_smile:

On 06/11/2011 08:06 AM, rahulcvv wrote:
> I just want to unmount all mounted partition of an HDD in one click
> (just like in windows). now i just type “umount /mnt/*” :slight_smile:

you don’t have to type anything to unmount anything unless you want to
of course… well, hmmmm…if you are manually mounting i guess you
might have to, by why manual mount? just wait until the machine is
booted and plug it in…it should automount and pop-up a device notifier
to show it is available and ask what you wanna do…

or if you wanna attach it and leave it attached ‘forever’, and boot
right to having it, then enter some data into fstab and its just like it
might as well be inside the case…

and, if you want to manually mount them you can that with one click by
writing a little script and attaching an icon to it…same for a one
click unmount of several partitions…

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Ok I get that.

Now Please see this link “”.
In my system this message is not shown, when plugin a usb.
Is there any way to add this function in my system.

Do you have the device notifier widget added?

On 06/13/2011 09:06 AM, rahulcvv wrote:
> “”.

i think it is a KDE desktop in that image, what desktop environment are
you using? and what version?

and, what operating system, and version…

i ask those things because my 11.4 with KDE4.6.0 was born (fresh default
install) with the automatic notification you lack…and, i wonder why
it works perfect here, and not there…

tell us what you are running…
and, it it gave these kinds of notifications for a while, and then quit…
or, was yours born messed up?

and then we go from there trying to figure out why/how yours is
broken…then we maybe sort out a fix…


That widget was not there.
Thank you, now its done.

No worries