usb installin question

OK I have it installed in the usb drive using windows.
now on 2 “Create partition from remaining space”

I am not usually a Linux user so I do not know how to run these commands I’ve asked b4 but nobody would tell me how do perform these actions.

Don’t run any installer for linux from windows. Just in case you had that in mind.

Default Install.mpeg.rar - Windows Live

11.2 Slideshow Images - Windows Live

NEW Users - Suse-11.2 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

In youtube, search for:

opensuse 11.2 installation

Also read documentation on

how do I run commands in opensuse?

Open a terminal

But you need to know what to put there

bash commands - Linux MAN Pages

Linux Newbie Guide: Shortcuts And Commands

how do I open a command terminal? this is the part that is missing for me

Bottom left corner (Start/Kicker)
If using kde you can just type in the search line: term
Click on konsole or terminal icon

thanks, was getting a little frustrating there.