USB Hotplug or passthru.


I have a license dongle that I use for some of my software on a windows 7 vm.
I have been running xen on a opensuse 12.2 machine for last few years. I just upgraded to 42.1 leap. here is the problem

on 12.2 i simple did an xm add usb command to attach the dongle to the windows vm. it was all good

with xen 4.5… we now have the usb device passthru, the dongle is permanently attached to the computer. the device never shows up on the vm.
well xm has been removed, and on this version of xen 4.5 none of the commands xl. virsh yet have usb support at all for hot mounting the device.

So I am frustrated and confused

<hostdev mode=‘subsystem’ type=‘usb’ managed=‘yes’>
<vendor id=‘0x064f’/>
<product id=‘0x03e9’/>

this is the segment from the config obtained from virsh edit server1

I really need to get this working, I have a number of other devices using the usb interface that can not be passed thru by the PCI send everything attached to bus means. When will this be fixed.
Or is there some other way to make this work thanks.

Perhaps there is a version of xen in testing 4.7 or above that looks to implement support for the usb commands. 4.5 was an orphan in this area it would seem from what I could find out.

Thanks. and any help, information would be greatly appreciated! Its frustrating when an older release had features working that were deleted by a newer release.
Brian G

For awhile now,
Xen has been undergoing many changes, often implementing new features and the good news is that stuff which was bleeding edge and unreliable maybe 6 months ago is a lot more stable now.

You’ll need to provide more detail or follow the steps outlined in these pages from the official Xen documentation for Xen 4.5 (and there seems to be a lot of new stuff). Note that there are at least 2 (maybe more) ways to implement pass through.

The main documentation for USB passthrough

Common Problems (and solutions) for Passthrough in general, including USB

You might be interested in this general Xen description (of everything). It seems that this page was completely re-done within the past month or so

If you have questions or resolve your issue, be sure to post details here again.