USB formatting reports "success" but fails

Using KDE Partition Manager to format USB flash drives: NTFS succeeds with no problem. But the same drive formatted ExFAT it claims to have succeeded, and KDE thinks it’s a valid drive, until it tries to write to the drive, then it fails. Windows considers those ExFAT drives to be unformatted. Both Windows & OpenSUSE will work with the ExFAT drives after Windows formats them as ExFAT. Repeatable 100% of the time.

Using OpenSUSE 15.2 KDE on AMD 64 bit system. Multiple flash drives tested, mostly SanDisk.

Any suggestions?

Try using “gparted” instead of KDE Partition Manager.

If that works then a bug report against Partition Manager over at wouldn’t go amiss.

There were, if I recall, some bug reports a while ago concerning KDE partition Manager using the wrong block size, although I thought that had been fixed.

Sorry, forgot to add, you’ll need gparted => v1.2.0 as earlier versions didn’t support exfat.

As you’re on Leap 15.2 you’ll need to install from one of the community repositories as the “official” repository is still at v 0.31.0

Do you have the following packages installed?

  • exfat-utils
  • fuse-exfat

What happens if you invoke “mkexfatfs” from a CLI (user “root”)?