usb flash drive - "safely remove" oddities in KDE

KDE’s “safely remove” feature (in “My Computer”, or sysinfo:/) works strangely when I use it with my flash mp3 player (iAudio U3)… Looks like device is un-mounted after that, but its icon remains and the “safely remove” menu entry is available again. I wouldn’t bother about it, but… data loss happens sometimes. Some files I copy to the player are not copied, some dirs I try to delete are not deleted… everything looks like I didn’t do safe removal and just pulled the poor device out. It doesn’t happen every time though. Of course I wait a few minutes after files are copied before trying to remove the device…
How can I learn the device is done with writing/erasing and can be safely removed?
You know, under windows, when flash drive is still busy and you click “safely remove”, it shows a message about device being busy. How can I determine that in KDE?
Also when I try to safely remove another flash drive (not player, just flash; it’s Kingston Elite), it un-mounts normally, the icon disappears, and all data is intact.

Tried all that in OpenSuse 10.3 and 11.0… KDE is 3.5