USB Flash disk files deleted after openSuse 11.1


I’m running 11.1 on my Amilo A1655G. Works a treat so far. This morning I put a data stick into the USB port and it loaded fine. Copied a file and took it out. Put it in a windows computer and the data stick shows up empty !

In the properties window in windows it still says 1.8GB is being used, as it should be. Putting it back into my laptop with linux, it is fine again…

Did I do anything wrong ? What caused this ? And more importantly, can I recover the files on it ? The USB stick still shows as FAT32 drive.



You have to be quite careful about unmounting filesystems before you physically remove them, or things like caches don’t get flushed. Many modern filesystems use delayed allocation to speed things up - which is fine until a cable gets yanked or the power is shut off unexpectedly.

You can right click on the icon of a drive and select to unmount, or you can use the terminal ‘mount’ command to work out which drive you’re after, then ‘umount [mount point]’ e.g. ‘umount /mnt/usb’ to unmount it.

Sorry- forgot to say, I’ve heard good things about testdisk for file recovery, but I’ve never used it.