Usb Drive

I have made an appliance in suses studio, and I want to make it bootable on a usbdrive. I have the iso image and it has been extracted, I have 2 gb usb. I went here

Installing USB Image into flash drives in SUSE Studio - openSUSE

And read through it, it says "To make a bootable USB stick from the appliance you’ve created, select the disk image type in the build tab, and then build and download the gzip-compressed appliance. Uncompress and untar the appliance.

In order to write your appliance to a USB stick in a Windows enviroment, you will need to the ‘dd for windows’ tool.

To find the device to write, after inserting the USB stick, open the comando line (cmd) and type:

dd --list               "

So I download the dd for windows tool, extracted it, and when I opened it up I basiclly got command prompt, is it asking me to type dd --list in comand prompt or the thing that came up for dd for windows.

Have a look at - dd for windows there’s explnation of how to use the tool there.

It runs in a command window, and you need to do the “list” at beginning to discover the partition on your USB drive, to copy the SuSE Studio image to. You need to be careful that you don’t overwrite any hard disk partitions by mistake, so be very cautious and double check your work.

Once you decided what device you write to, then you should be able to copy the block size info from Linux instructions. There’s an example of writing to a USB device lower down on that page.

So what should I type into the DD?, Just could u give me exactly everything. Thanks a bunch

So i open up dd, and type dd–list, because when i do and press enter it just adds another line of exacltly dd–list