USB Drive Boot Issues

This is driving me nuts.

Trying to get an OpenSuse Live KDE to boot from a USB Key and I’m getting error 17 messages. I get no Grub boot screen or access to any of the grub functions so I’m stuck.

BIOS has been changed to allow booting from USB so no issue there.

If I remove the USB key and boot from HDD I have no problems dual booting either Linux or Windows using Grub.


So a Grub error 17 says:

17 : “Invalid device requested” This error is returned if a device string is recognizable but does not fall under the other device errors.

You might want to run the Partitioner, determine the proper USB stick drive names and then examine the device names in /boot/grub/ & /boot/grub/menu.lst using a text editor. You need to make sure they match the USB device name. Since you are putting the USB stick first in your BIOS, make sure that the HD0 entry is for the USB stick and same matches when using in the menu.lst file. If you intend on using this USB stick on anything else, you might want to remove drive designations that exist only on one PC, making the USB stick first with no mention of anything else. To do this edit, you must mount the stick in regular openSUSE and do these edits in a working copy of openSUSE before you do any booting from the stick.

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I have resolved my problem (and learnt a little more about GRUB and Linux).

Need to add the device in Grub. Now I can do what I wanted too.



I have resolved my problem (and learnt a little more about GRUB and Linux).

Need to add the device in Grub. Now I can do what I wanted too.

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