USB disconnecting on running a software in virtual machine

Dear Incharge,

We are an academic institution using OpenSUSE and Workstation 11 evaluation VMware.

Our main issue in detail is discussed below:

We are running Windows 7 as a guest OS on a virtual machine, with OpenSUSE linux OS as host platform. All the OS are genuine and validated properly. Please suggest us a solution to this issue of unrecognisable USB on initiating the software, which shows only Demo and does not detect the PicoScope, neither on the USB 3.0 nor USB 2.0 port. The PicoScope 6404D Series Device does appear in the Windows Device Manager when we plug the USB connector and before starting the software, but then disappear as the picoscope software is started.

We are using VMware workstation version: 11.1.0 build-2496824, with windows 7 x86 professional N as a guest host, on a OpenSUSE Linux version 13.2 platform. We are using the latest version of pico scope as you have inquired, and are using USB3.0 port in our machine with proper usb port settings in virtual machine.

As soon as we turn on the picoscope 6 software, the USB gets unrecognized on the Windows platform, but is still intact on the VMware USB port status bar. When we close the software and reconnect the USB cable of picoscope 6404D it again gets recognized on the hardware device of control panel on Windows 7 page.

We are trying the quirks suggestion as well, but to no relief. Is there a reason for the flicker in USB detection when we run the picoscope software? Since logically there seems to be no fault with the installation of Virtual machine USB detection.

Please guide us through this issue.

Thank You

Pure guess is that this PicoScope software is trying to connect to the USB directly by passing normal OS conventions. Since this is a VM there is no real hardware it is all emulated in software connecting via the host OS drivers. Since PicoScope is proprietary no one here can help. You need to take it up with the makers.

You may have more luck with KVM or Xen as a VM manager since they tend to run closer to the actual hardware.

On Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:46:01 +0000, jpmohanty wrote:

> We are an academic institution using Workstation 11 evaluation VMware,
> which provides online support for evaluation products. We request you to
> reply to our query on VMware Community to get technical help from VMware
> expert As a follow up on the Support Request # 15718651707.

We’re not VMware support, so we can’t help with the VMware issue, but we
might be able to help with the USB issue if it’s on the Linux end of

What is the USB chipset/controller? Output from lsusb and lspci (on the
host) would be helpful.


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Here is link to Linux PicoScope