USB device

I am new to Suse. I have a usb cable for a Bayer diabetes meter and i have to install the drivers for it. on windows when you would plug in the usb cable you would also place the cd for the drivers in the cd drive so that it would look for the drivers for the new device.
how can I make that same thing happen in Suse
I am running 11.2 i386

Accordingly, Bayer at present does not work with Mac OS/X or Linux. They do plan a MAC OS/X rollout in the future which may (unsure) mean availability in Linux. See: Bayer CONTOUR USB Blood Glucose Meter With Built-In Diabetes Management Software

On the same topic, what this meter does is track BG before and after meals for up to 2000 (roughly 150 - 300 days worth of data). The software eases accessing and reporting on these readings. JonathanR and myself are actively creating a Linux app DiabeticAssistant which goes much farther than the Bayer meter.
Our current specs:

  1. Manage a 45000 ingredient database of nutrician.
  2. Manage an expandable 4500 recipe database that allows a user to select the ingredients (from the ingredient/brands database) used in the meal preparation
  3. Manage a Meals planner that allows up to a five part meal (appetizer/meal/sidedish/beverage/dessert) and up to 6 meals/snacks a day
  4. tracking of BG before and after meal with tracking of over 15 nutrients too and calories/carbs expended through exercise

My local medical center and pharmacy are very interested in seeing the final product.

I am using Crossover 9.0.1 and I have two software programs Winglucofacts 1.? and pro 3.04 that seem to work just fine except when you get to attaching the meter. both programs will allow you to start a new data base and enter all the patient information and create it and re display it without errors.
it seems we are getting there but much reluctance on the part of Wine to work on this product.
thank you for the response.

The package we are doing will compile and run natively in both Windows and Linux without the need to use something like Crossover. The USB will be the hard part as Bayer and it’s developers are targeting windows only right now. As soon as we have direct access to the USB device for fetching values, either software will be available under Linux.
When talking with the pharmacist, he expressed that what is missing from winglucofacts is dietary consideration and that is why he awaits to see what we come up with.