USB device being sporadically detected then not detected

OpenSuse 13.2 KDE

I am having an issue with my Galaxy S3 cellphone being detected / not detected when connected to my USB port on my desktop. I have changed the cable and check the connection on my Windows 7 notebook but that seems not to be the issue. I utilize the USB port for charging of the phone but that seems to be functioning correctly. Anyone have any direction for me? Thanks!

I’ve seen similar with a USB-2.0 device (my Pansonic camera) plugged into a USB-3.0 port on my desktop PCs. I found plugging my camera into a USB-2.0 port on my PC did not have such a problem. … ie … in my case it was USB-3.0 port (and associated driver) specific with my Panasonic Camera. My other USB-2.0 devices did not have this problem with my PC’s USB-3.0 port.

Hmm. I’m getting a flashback about this issue now having a similar discussion here about this anomaly which seems to be again rearing its head once again. That’s troubling.

I will say that this problem only recently became apparent after I flashed an update to the ROM on my phone and, having now reverted to the prior backlevel version, I am seeing it continue even so. I can say that with my Windows 7 box that the two internal sd cards are being seen properly there which leads me to believe that it is indeed a Linux issue. This therefore means that I will not be able to utilize these internal sd cards for transferring files, etc. So, I guess I’ll continue to hunt for an answer here.

One last thing, I do believe the 4-port USB card I am using is a USB2 specific one, so I’m a bit perplexed as to where I stand. I have another 2-port USB? card in this Linux box and will attempt to experiment with those to see if that makes any difference. Anyway, thanks for chiming in and I’ll hope to find a resolution otherwise soon.

Probably, if charging and other USB devices are present it may be sucking too much power on the USB bus…

My cellphone is the only device attached to the USB port on the box. I can say I’ve noticed a brand new ROM update and am applying it at this time. This may be related to my problem but I won’t know until the update is completed. I’ll post back when done.