usb connections die

Asus P5Q Deluxe, c2d 3.0 ghz, 6.8 gb ram, 4 sata HD’s, Power suppy = 650 watt,
1 optical DVD drive, nvidia geforce 8500gt, opensuse 11.2 64 bit KDE 4.35,
adsl connection to the internet and use a tp-link modem with an asus rt-n16 router

I am really not sure if this is hardware or software or what causing this problem.
I am also posting at the Asus tech site.

Computer runs for about 3 hours then usb connections quit working, thereby losing mouse connection, things freeze up] as the m/board has only one PS2 connector and I am using that for kybrd, because I do not have a usb kybrd. In the recent past I have upgraded to opensuse 11.2 64 bit, increased my my ram from 3.0 to 6.8 gb and increased my cooling fans by 2 extra to a quantity of 4, plus the cpu and power fans. The cpu temp runs at 85 F and M/Board runs at 98 F. * re:extra cooling fans.
I cannot tell if anything else is not working as I have no means of access to monitors, the green light on computer box is still on. I see no activity on the red light.
The windows on the display/monitor remain but, I cannot access them via mouse or arrow keys [this is what I mean by freeze up].
It does not matter how much or little I am running at the time of the freeze, or what type of software *
I am forced into doing a hard reboot and when I do things start up again OK, it runs OK for a while then does this usb not working thing again. I have tried to plugging mouse into all 10 usb ports but when this is happening I get a little flash of [red] light sometimes from mouse but it does not work. I have tried to look for msg logs in /var/logs… but am not sure what to look for and kwrite does not want to open them anyway [txt files].
Of course, any help is appreciated. Thank You**

So we know that every Operating System can have its issues, but seldom do they cause your PC to just lock up. IN such a case, it surely must be hardware related. The number one issue I have had with motherboards is memory. I suggest you drop back to 4GB, your best chips, if there is no difference then try again and see what happens by dropping back to 2 GB if necessary.

The next most common issue is Dust / Dirt & Connection Problems, also know as DDCP (sounds good, right?). Well, perhaps you have not heard of DDCP, but it is the second most common PC killer, right after memory, as I recall. lol! But, you say, how might one correct for a bad case of DDCP then? I call it rebirth, so to speak. If you don’t remember how all of those cables connect up to your computer, then it is time for a refresher course. Remove all external connections, remove all covers, side panels and such and take your PC outside (if it is not raining) and blow out all dust. Pull out all cards and re-seat them. Pull out all memory and re-seat it. Do all of this with lots of light. Make sure there is no dirt anywhere. Use a can of dust spray to blow out the power supply and it general make it clean enough to eat off of. Also, should this step not work, measure just how far away the trash cans are, should you decide to toss it in.

Now, with a clean PC and memory known to work, lets do a BIOS check. It might be time to do a BIOS update, but be careful, as such things can inspire buying a new motherboard, which I can attest to. However, on more than one occasion, doing a BIOS update fixed my problems. No matter if you update the BIOS or not, I would restore your BIOS to factory SAFE defaults. Only change the boot order if necessary, but otherwise, use the SAFE defaults for our next testing.

After checking memory, cleaning out the unit and taking your BIOS down to its basic form, now see if the PC will work longer than three hours. If not, the next and arduous step is to pull out unneeded hardware, one item at a time. Start with sound, remove or disable it and try again. Next, take out any networking by removing or disabling it. Next disconnect power and data cable from all hard drives not required, one at a time. You have to get down to the most basic setup, a hard drive, motherboard, 2GB of memory, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

If it still dies in 3 hours or so, it is time for a new motherboard. As luck would have it, you can buy a new motherboard that runs everything, including memory, just search the internet. Using clone motherboards is both good and bad, but one thing is for sure they go bad and it is possible to replace one without buying a whole new system. Good luck and let us know of your success…

Thank You,

Thank You jdmcdaniel3 for replying to my post.
I have started the llloooonnnggg list of recommendations you have given me.
Dropped the memory to 4.0gb [altho’ it is all Kingston, I would have thot it was OK - meets board requirements] I don’t think I really require 7 gb of ram, I just had it and thot why not.
Did a thorough cleaning and did find a few dust bunnies. [did my secondary machine while i was at it.]
Now it is a waiting game, I guess.
I have been up and on for over 24 hrs, but I would like to hold off judgment until Monday maybe.

I have been up and on for over 24 hrs, but I would like to hold off judgment until Monday maybe.
Well that sounds like a good start and I do not want you to make a quick judgment. I am going into the hospital next week for some surgery and so I would really like to hear some good news on Monday, but the truth is always the best, what ever it might be.

Thank You,

Wishing you positive outcome on your surgery and recovery, jdmcdaniel3