USB and KdeMediaManager -SLED 11.1

Hi all,

I’m installed SLED for a friend and I am a bit disappointed because the first sign of a problem was when I plugged in a SanDisk U3 USB drive, the system didn’t see it. I inserted an audio CD and nothing happens. /media shows nothing in either case. (But the USB trackball mouse works) Trying to get Kaffiene to open an “audio CD” caused it to crash and on second attempt it threw an error that said something to the effect that kdemediamanager was not able to run or not running.

He doesn’t have his net connection up either because he has a 2WIRE brand 802.11g wireless USB adapter that is going to be a pain to get up and running.

I am suspicious that something is wrong with some driver that’s wreaking havoc with KDE. But… I don’t know what is going on for sure.

If you have any tips for the USB/CD issue I would love to get this working for a friend. I am an intermediate user, which means I can do some basic command line things, but I am not proficient at it. So if you have some command line hacks, please elaborate so I can follow along.

Hardware Specs:

Epox 8K5A Motherboard Running an 1900+ Athlon 32 bit processor
VIA KT333(CE) + VIA VT8235 chipset
SUSE Linux 11.1 installed via LiveCD



Are you talking about SLED or OpenSUSE? SLED is supported by Novell, you may want to try their forums.

Anyway, a first step would be to check the system log (using yast or the line command dmesg as root) right after inserting the devices, it will give you an idea of the problem.

This is opensuse (sorry for the mixup).