Usb ADSL Modem with OpenSuse 11.2


I have Prolink H9601 Usb adsl modem and I’ve already installed the eciadsl driver to setup my modem with opensuse 11.2. The modem is in sync as the eciadsl driver indicates. But I’m having trouble dialling the connection. I’m not sure the ISP supports PPPOE or PPPOA but in windows I see two numbers VCI/VPI so I’m guessing it is PPPOA.

I’ve used kinternet to dial the connection… if I set the mode to PPPOE then it says “timeout for PDAO packets expired” or something like that and exits with error code 0. And when I changed the mode to PPPOA it exits with error code 2 ( says mutually exclusive options in two places or something similar).

could you please help me to dial the internet connection. Thank you.