USB 3G/4G Huawei e3276 on live persistent USB

My Huawei e3276 isn’t getting modeswitched on my live persistent USB system. usb-modeswitch and modemmanager are installed and I can add a network profile for mobile broadband, but I don’t see how to get my thing working. It works on Arch Linux, maybe the problem is with the kernel being older here? Lacking the right driver?

So far I only have this to go on:

Try upgrading your usb_modeswitch from the Hardware repo to 2.2.0, I had to do it with my Huawei;

You didn’t mention which openSUSE you had so I’m assuming either 13.2 or 13.1;

Hardware repo for openSUSE 13.2:

Hardware repo for openSUSE 13.1: