USB 3.1 issue

Hi I’m having problems getting usb 3.1 device to work.

System Opensuse 13.2 x64 Gigabyte 970 A-UD3 AMD3+ with on board usb 3.0 + generic usb 3.0 add-on card in pcie x1 slot and Vantec usb 3.1 add-on card in pcie x4 slot compatible with linux kernel 3.6 and up. AMD processes FX8120 8 core 16 gig’s DDR 3 ram video Radon R7-240 with 4 gig’s of ram. OS is on Kingston 128 gig sata 3 ssd Btrfs Home is on WD 1TB sata 3 HD XFS. I have upgraded to Kernel 4.1.1
I have two external HD’s one is Seagate expiation disk usb 3.0 3TB sata 3 the other is a Vantec usb 3.1 4TB sata 3.

I have been testing write speeds with a 55gig vdi file the Seagate usb 3.0 drive writes at 32 Mib/s consistently on usb 3.0 port both on board and add-on card and writes at 105 MiB/s on usb 3.1 card.
The Vantec usb 3.1 drive writes at 26 MiB/s on the usb 3.0 ports and writes at the same 105 MiB/s on the 3.1 ports but stalls out for 10 to 15 seconds at a time making overall write time 1 to 2 minutes slower than the Seagate drive. The reason I upgraded the kernel is on the 3.16 kernel the Vantec was causing system freezes and some times kernel panics witch so far have not happened on 4.1.1

Any help would be appreciated

I have an update The Vantec card and Drive use chipset (ASM1142) from ASMEDIA and according to tech support at Vantec the Linux kernel only supports USB 3.0 I guess I’ll be doing some waiting.