Usability testing of K3B and openoffice

I am doing a usability test on OpenSUSE 11.2 for a novice user. I am trying to establish if usability has an effect on why some students do not use GNU/Linux for general desktop computing.

How easy and how many steps does a novice need to do the following tasks?

Note: Novice is someone who has no experience in working with OpenSUSE?

Task1: This task involves making two slides of a course presentation using OpenOffice Impress.Org
Task2: Involves changing the screen resolution and desktop background.
Task3: This task involves organizing files in folders
Task4: Involves copying music from an audio CD in to mp3 format using K3B
Task5: Login into chat application software using Pidgin Application
Task6: Log in and use Facebook account using Mozilla Firefox browser
Task7: Prepare a cover page for your Thesis report using OpenOffice Writer.Org

I think you are looking in the wrong area; at the Australian school which moved to Linux and then back to Windows five years later it was the same teachers who had difficulties with Linux and then with the move back to Windows.

A lot of work is being done in both KDE and Gnome on usability but that can only be general.

Another hurdle is lack of alternative experience. Until the late 1990s computer users were familiar with the fact that different software worked differently but people who have only ever used Windows think that this is how computers work and they expect all computers to work the same. This is nothing to do with usablity and everything to do with expectations.

i can’t see where you asked for any help…did i miss something?

but, remember if you are making a comparison of usability in more than
one system, you should also (for example) take a person with only
Linux experience and have them do the same functions on Windows, Mac,
and BSD; and take a Mac only person and have them do the same
functions on Linux, BSD and Windows…

that is, just taking a person who knows how to do it all on Windows
and then measure how much trouble they have trying to do it “the
Windows way” on Linux will not let you discover much other than the
different systems do things differently.

take an accomplished race car driver and put him/her in a jet plane
and measure the “usabiltiy” there also!

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Thanks for the responses, i really appreciate and all the best.

My wife was a novice on linux. I first made her use Opera / Firefox and on Windows, after a week of playing around with them in linux, she did not want to go back to winders. She’s a perfect advertisement for linux, when commenting working on winders.

The things you ask, depend on the novice as well. Is hesh someone “open to changes” ?
The tasks you describe are things you have to learn. Like you have to learn how to burn an image to disk on winders. I don’t see any “steep learning curve” items in your list.

Let us know how things got on.