US keyboard that doesn't exist

using kde, on my laptop I have english UK keyboard, but in my system tray is always shown english US keyboard, I deleted english US layout in systemsettings Keyboard Hardware and Layout, rebooted, added english UK, Italian, greek, russian, rebooted, but it persist
how to eliminate english US keyboard layout??
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

Set YaST > System > Language > Primary Language and Adapt Keyboard Layout to UK (en_GB).

I have an English UK laptop that works fine and that I change to Italian on the system tray to use with a bluetooth Italian keyboard. Attempts to use multiple languages for Plasma text have proved chaotic so far.

instead of using yast,right click the keyboard symbol in the tray, you can set multiple keyboards, layout, language, variant, and symbols.Tip the extended winkeys is very good for writing accented characters [gives e.g. <alt-gr>~n=ñ] (better than dead keys)