URL for KDE4 backport repository

I want to update KDE4.1 of my openSUSE11.1 installation to KDE4,2,4.

At the bottom of instructions on the KDE site how to “zipper” the KDE4.2.4, there is a note “Be sure to add the KDE4 backport repository”. What is the URL of that repository and what is its purpose?

I would be most grateful for the information.

OldAl in wintry Canberra.

KDE4.2.* (How To Add) Guide. - openSUSE Forums

Follow the guide, it will give you all you need.

Or you can use 1-click installer, which will also setup your repos:
Programming and Linux: One click installer for KDE 4.2.4

Thank you for the answer - I will follow it.


What a good idea! Sincere thanks for that,