URL displayed in konsole cannot be clicked any more?


Today I noticed that I can no longer ctrl+click the links which display in konsole. My settings are the same as before:


Any idea what might be wrong?

Maybe a better problem description might help others to understand what you mean.
What exactly re you doing, what did you expect to happen as a result, what happens instead.

You seem to think that what you do is generally done by most many times of the day and thus will be understood in detail after the slightest hint. This may not be the case. The things that can be done inside any application may be manyfold and everybody has his own subset of features (s)he uses often, while those same features might be unexploited or even unknown by another user of the same application.

Previously if an URL was displayed in konsole (e.g. https://www.opensuse.org/), I could hover it with the mouse and I could CTRL+click it which resulted in opening it in the browser. I believe this is the “Enable URL hints” setting which is ON as shown on the screenshot.

But now URLs are no longer underlined and they show as any other text, so hovering them with the mouse pointer doesn’t allow me to click them like before.

First, please next time use a site like http://paste.opensuse.org for your screenshots. Your link lands on a site were you have to allow Java script for several sites. Not everybody will love to do that.

I experimented a little.

In 13.1 hovering makes the URL underlined. Ctrl-LeftClick (I assume you mean that with CTRL+click) nothing happens, but I can RichtClick and it offers me a lot, the first one being Open and that gives me FF, etc.

In 42.2 there is no underline on hovering. But I went to those settings. The feature you mean was off, but switching it one did not help. I then went into another tab: Mouse. There I switched on in the lower part (I have a Dutch translation here, so my translations back into English might not be 100% what you see) there is Several with Underline Files and Links. Switching it on lets emerge a checkbox Open Files and Links by a direct click, which I checked also.
The hovering now shows the underline and LeftClick opens Firefox, etc.
When I remove that last check, I get the situation I had in 13.1 with the context menu on RightClick. And YES. even that Crtl-Leftclick opens FF, etc.

(First time I ever did such a gym workout like Crtl-LeftClick), will probably never do it again. :()

So be adventures and explore the settings a bit more. :wink:

Thank you!

I also don’t love to have this problem which I reported so long ago and at which nobody even looks :slight_smile:

I guess because only you seem to have this, all others run out of ideas. It is difficult to work on a problem that can not be re-created.
But let us not mix items.

This one is solved if understand you correctly.

I am using the exact same software which is on the official repo.

But let us not mix items.

You started first :stuck_out_tongue:

This one is solved if understand you correctly.

Yes. Thanks a lot!