URGENT HELP NEEDED! Uninstalled my Nvidia card and now opensuse only starts in command line mode.

Hi. I was having several technical problems with my video card from nvidia, so I decided to remove it physically to see if it was damaged and if problems in my PC were stop.
Before doing this I went to boot loader in yast, removed the option nomodeset from one of my opensuse entries, logged as root in terminal, went to the folder were I saved the file of nvidia proprietary driver and type sh<name of the file> --uninstall. (I did so because I had installed nvidia driver the hard way.) So a confirmation if I wanted to uninstall it followed, I pressed yes and turned the pc off.
I removed the nvidia card and plugged the monitor on the onboard video card of my motherboard.
But now opensuse only starts in command line mode. There`s no graphical desktop.
I was able to make kde load graphically booting from the live cd but booting from my installation not.
When I booted in windows it said that a new hardware was detected and did an automatic installation of it. When I rebooted windows it had an icon on system tray of and Intel graphics accelerator. The video chipset of my motherboard is Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family.
So what can I do to make opensuse load graphic desktop too?
Please, help me because I cannot use opensuse for anything in this situation.

Did you turn off before the driver was uninstalled?

Try nomodeset

Also see if there /etc/X11/xorg.conf file that may have been produced by the Nvidia driver. If so rename it

You did not say what Nvidia card you had.

I had nvidia geforce 8400 gs.
Thank you very much. I rename xorg.conf and now my system loads kde.
However I cannot change my desktop to 1360x768 wich is appropriate for my hd monitor. That option is no longer available in ked. Can I correct it?
And can I activate some form of intel graphic accelerator in opensuse similar to the one that is on windows?