URGENT can't access computer


I’m a new user, I’ve had my computer 2 weeks and I’m new to linux. I’m running GNOME. I mainly use it for internet use and I’ve been watching some stuff online (but nothing major). I’ve been having download issues with software such as skype and, as such, the only thing I’ve added to the computer is an update of java.

However, the past 2 days it’s been telling me I’m running out of disk space. I removed all my photos (not even 1 GB). I shut it down hoping it might fix itself. Went to log back on and it came up with the message

“GDM could not write to our authorization file. This could mean you are out of disk space. Contact your system administrator”

HELP! I’m travelling and leave this city (and internet access) in 6 hours and really need to have easy access to book flights - the whole reason why I bought the computer! How do I fix this? Please bear in mind I am a very new user and need things spelled out to me.



hit CTRL+ALT+F1 and log in as root, then you can fix the problem, maybe you have left your files in the Trash folder?



Open konsole

To open Konsole right click on desktop and click on search and type Konsole.

Once you open it use following command > df -h

Now it displays which slices occupied how much space.

for example

/ 16 gb 1 gb /

Means / is root , 16 gb is total space available for use, 1 gb space is remaining.

Now go to / directory by using command cd /

Now use following command > ** du -sh * ** or **du -sh ** and hit ENTER key

It would display size of all files and folders.
After that you can decide which file occupied so much space. BEWARE of system files. Dont delete them.

Use > rm -rf <file_name> command to delete perticular file.

Oh and yes as Barry suggested, perform operation using root. But be very careful. Read som docs as warm up before using rm -rf command using root account as you are a newbie to Linux.


Do you have a live cd, and linux cd will do or a utility like Parted Magic?

Do you know how much space you assigned to your partitions?

thank you for your prompt replies. I did as Barry said and logged on as root then performed df -h and I have nothing available. I then tried du -sh and it just said “336M”??? Was that supposed to happen?

caf4926 - the computer came with linux, I didn’t install it. I have no idea what you mean by partitions and it doesn’t have a cd drive.

What do I do now?

It’s not running openSUSE is it!?

to be honest i have no idea i know its a form of suse but no one has responded to previous posts when ive been trying to figure out exactly what im running. im really feeling over my head here

It certainly sounds like you are in over your head. If this is a shipped version of SUSE, possibly it’s SUSE Enterprise Desktop, it’s unlikely that you have some kind of rubbishy partitioning and it seems equally unlikely that you would have hardware issues resulting in huge error logs that fill up the HD.

I’m not sure we can advise you much further. But I’m guessing you don’t have a bootable USB distro to hand?

I don’t know what that is :frowning:

You can find out the version by running this command in a gnome-terminal window:

cat /etc/SuSE-release

Ususlly there are two or more partitions. One is called the “root” partition (where all the engine is) and the other is called the “home” partition (where your data, music etc is).

If the root partition is full you can get some breathing space by logging in as root at the terminal level and running this command:

rm -Rf /tmp/*

Be sure not to get it wrong or you could bork the installation.

To log in as root at the terminal level, start the boot and press the numeral 1 key once within 3 seconds when the boot menu comes up – then press enter.

What Do you know?

What boot options exist in the grub menu?

wow, thank you! What with following all the instructions and the linux help website I found the half installed skype package I knew was hidden somewhere and deleted all that, then I followed swerdna’s directions and deleted all that and it’s opened up 300M, enough to logon! woop thanks for your help. am going to bed now

Sweet dreams!