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New Open Suse user here. Been on MInt/Ubuntu for 5 year and I guess I got spoiled by the debian system. OpenSuse 11.2 is nice, real nice, but for one thing. We play Urban Terror as a famil;y, Me against my sons) But when I start it via the menu nothing happens, the logo bounces for a bit and then nothing. Wheni start it from the CLI I get this
chuck@linux-6c8z:~> urbanterror
rm: cannot remove `/home/chuck/.q3a/q3ut4/zpak000.pk3’: No such file or directory

So what failed to install, what do I need to install or configure or should I try alien from a .deb file or .tgz files I have of Urban Terror.
Lookslike alien is not an option



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I use djl (djl) for alot of linux games, including Urban Terror. I was just able to download and play Urban Terror on 64-bit 11.2. I did get on error when starting it the first time related to a libSDL library (think that was the one), but I just downloaded the 32-bit version through YaST and game started up fine.

check out the djl page, see if using that works for you.

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } This is what is written about it in Yast if that helps -

Urban Terror uses the GPL licensed ioquake3 engine, however the Urban Terror datafiles are not freely redistributable. This package will install an Urban Terror menu entry, which will automatically download the necessary datafiles the first time you start Urban Terror.

Did you install the data files? Not sure where it downloads them from if they aren’t free though!

But from that error message it looks like something is trying to be deleted! I would check the files included to see what it’s doing before running it again.

You can get a list of included files by clicking on file list in the Yast Software manager.

I downloaded the zipped file from the urban terror website. This will allow you to unzip the files. Generally to the home folder is best. Make sure the ioUrbanTerrori386 or ioUrbanTerror.x86_64 file has executable allowed in properties/permissions and you should be good to go.

I’ve run into the same error on my machine. I would guess it is a packaging oversight; the ‘rm’ command is trying to clean up old files, but fails when there is nothing to clean up–it probably needs the -f option added to the script.

To solve this issue, I did

mkdir -p /home/xxxx/.q3a/q3ut4

and then

touch /home/xxxx/.q3a/q3ut4/zpak000.pk3

This creates an empty file for the cleanup script to remove, and then the auto-downloader will start as normal, and automatically get everything you need from the Internet.

I had the exact same error for Urban Terror. This did the trick perfectly, thanks!

I have the same problem but without any errors. Just bouncing game`s icon and nothing happening then.What should I do? Add that strings as well? And where to add them actually?

Please start a new thread and clearly explain what’s going on. How did you install UrT.
About the commands, they have to be issued in a terminal window, the ‘/home/xxx’ has to be replaced by a ‘~’ to make them usable for any user.

For the rest I suggest you read the pages on the UrT site.

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