UPS Network UPS Tools upsc 2.4.1 --- DRIVERs failed to start

I have recently migrated from ubuntu server to opensuse 11.3 (server mode, no gui)
I’m trying to install NUT, but I can’t get the driver to work.

I’m using the right driver
cat /usr/share/nut/driver.list | grep -i “Geek”
“Geek Squad” “GS1285U” “USB” “usbhid-ups”

Every time I try to start the service, just fails

Starting NUT UPS drivers failed

Here is the output of the lsusb
Bus 005 Device 002: ID 0764:0501 Cyber Power System, Inc. CP1500 AVR UPS

Here are the entries of the ups.conf
driver = usbhid-ups
port = auto
desc = "Gsquad"

I have also tried port = /dev/bus/usb/005/002

Entry in upsd.user
password = 8f08952906
allowfrom = localhost
upsmon master

Entry in upsmon.conf
MONITOR Gsquad@localhost 1 upsmaster 8f08952906 master

If I try to list the ups
upsc -l
Error: Connection failure: Network is unreachable

This configuration works with no issues on Ubuntu server
Am I missing something?
Thanks a lot