Upps and downs!

I sit down after a hard working week. Lets play around a little at my home computers. Hmmm… Update 13.1 repo didn’t respond on a zypper dup…

Lets wait and I did some other update on my machines. I have wonder for some time why Ubuntu 14.04 GUI work so bad as a VirtualBox guest on my server (13.1). I not the only one that are suffering from that. Guest additions are installed and a quick search on net confirm the problem whit Ubuntu 14.04 as a guest in VirtualBox. I leave that for later.

A colleague was demonstrating Arch Linux for me. Fantastic Linux system and the possibility are amazing… But not for me.

By the way, -is it many that are using Enlightment as a GUI in openSUSE? It is there in standard software selection of the graphical environment setup in yast2. I did installed it on a sand-box PC and it’s not for me.

Yes, -zypper dup is responding… New kernel etc. But KDE is reporting 4.11.5??? What did I miss? 1 and 1/2 beers should not affect that much on a Friday afternoon. Never mind. I’m very pleased with openSUSE and it is days to come and new zypper dup’s :wink:


I was visiting a very close relative about 2 hours ago. We had a chit-chat and he was stating:

-4.7" Nokia/win phone for his work.
-10" android tablet for his book reading and multimedia.
-MS is the thing for global work. Open source is for nerds. Useless.
-SAP is the name of the game about ERP.

I guess I have some work to do there. As usual :P.


I tried Enlightenment during the beta testing for 13.1. I remain unenlightened. It just seemed weird to me.

I installed Arch two or three years ago (on a secondary computer). It looked as if it would require a lot of work to get it to be system that I could use for my everyday activity. So I was never convinced to switch to Arch. I will say, however, that they have a great Wiki.

Missing a system restart, possibly?

I couldn’t agree more about the extra work and their quality Wiki.

If I understood it right there was a couple (additional) of steps to even reach a GUI. Not for me.

Newbies… How would *(http://www.networkworld.com/slideshow/153439/linux-best-desktop-distros-for-newbies.html)is mentioned before openSUSE. Even so but PCLinuxOS manage to combine my two interest. Shoes? The colder it is they run faster and longer whiteout shoes.


No. Not in my private environment where I can play around.


Same issue here after installing recent kernel update, KinfoCenter reported previous kernel which I assumed was running therefore. I now recall actually restarting from Grub2’s Advanced menu and selecting the new kernel. After doing that, KinfoCenter correctly displays “Linux 3.11.10-11-desktop”, and now get it correctly on every restart from Grub2’s main menu.

As caf4926 wrote:
“I don’t let any engineers in my place - never.”. Fine and I protect my data. He has a point there. My middle name is: paranoid.

Chicken race and who of us will excute a zypper dup and receive results as expected.