Upper corner of screen darker

In Windows XP, my Laptop Screen is perfect. I loaded 11.1, In SUSE it’s darker at the top corner, out about 1/4 the screen.
Seems to only happen at the desktop.

What could this be?
Thank you,

More info! More info!
Laptop type, video card - driver used, etc.etc.

Absolutely. And is it graduated into the dark area or is it a sharp transition? Is it a regular shape or more random?

Haha, you are absolutely right. But, I think you have no idea what is happening here, go to Chit-Chat. :wink:

@happydog500 - is it KDE?

It only happens in the green screen that comes up at boot (changed the desktop to a picture).
Nowhare else, just the green screen. It’s a gradual darkening.
I have a HP ze5200.

I love this distro! Boots up so much quicker then Windows 7.

The only thing that makes it not the ultimate (may have to get rid of it, since when I’m away, Im on my laptop. I need to keep up with stuff at home through the radio), is the problem with streaming radio on the web. The stations I listen to all have different codex, plug ins, etc…


Eh? I was being at least as serious as you were.

Are you sure this is not a feature of the graphic being displayed? You could try finding the graphic [/usr/share/wallpapers] and displaying using a graphics prog and moving the window around to see if the feature moved with the picture. You could also look at your graphics resolution and see how much colour resolution you have. 8 bit might cause the effect you see?