Upon restart, system cursor freezes (very often) at username login window and boot not possible

Often, upon restart, system goes through boot up to last login page where “username” is entered. But, cursor is frozen and will not move to the login dialogue. Cursor is always at lower right of screen and immovable. Turning off/on mouse does not make it active.

A power-off/power-on restart solved the problem and gave cursor movement with mouse to affect a reboot. Now PO/PO does not always give motion to the cursor and same thing happens. Upon a few retries the cursor becomes active.

Using leap 15.5, mate desktop, with no memory or disk capacity issues (plenty of space).
logitech mx master 3s mouse (wireless).

Perhaps this is a mouse hardware issue rather than boot issue. If no one else see this issue, likely hardware. related If so move it there. No other issues with this mouse.
Ideas, insights, please.
thanks, tom kosvic

It is probably a mouse issue.

With my logitech wireless mouse, I would occasionally notice that kind of behavior. Wiggling the battery around got it working again.

I’m currently using Dell Wireless mouse, and it occasionally loses communication with the nano-receiver. If I pick up the mouse and move it a few inches on my desk, it starts working again.

I do those kind of things with the mouse but does not fix issue. The cursor freezing only occurs in a reboot not during routine operation when system is operational. That is what makes me think it is a software issue. As long as it keeps booting eventually this is a minor issue.

thanks, tom kosvic

For my Logitech mouse I had to move the USB dongle to the front to get a reliable connection because there is a wall in back of my computer . Be sure you have a clear unobstructed path between devices.

Moving/shaking/turn-off/connect-off/connect-on are mouse are techniques I am aware of but none of those free up the mouse when i is frozen during a reboot. Mouse is frozen at the same spot on the screen every time. I am convinced it is a sporadic system boot problem not a mouse problem.