upon probing graphics hardware, displays sut down and/or bug

hey guys, i’m trying to get openSUSE on my inspiron 1100, but i’m running into some trouble. whenever i get to the hardware config phase (at the end) it always has to probe my graphics harware (which is not skipable). when it does this, the monitor part of my laptop will shut down (literally shut down, there isnt even any backlighting), however it is obvious that the computer is still on and running, however i have no way of knowing what it is doing.

i think the cause of this may be that i cant connect to the internet until i have installed it. this is because i am using a wireless card designed for windows that needs ndiswrapper to run. on top of that, the built in wan adapter is bugged somehow, because i cant connect with that either.

i have tried installing with xfce first. when i did that i got past the installation, but had to boot it up in safe mode to get any display (monitor shut down). even then the computer couldn’t mount anything for some reason (i have no idea why). i just wiped it clean and went for GNOME, but now i cant seem to get past the installation.

thanks in advance, as i am looking forward to using openSUSE on my laptop.

Try not using automatic configuration, an option available very early in the install process. That will enable you to manually set this up. If you are not sure what to use, I sugest ‘vesa’ and see how you get on.

thanks, i did do the manual configuration. sadly, this does not allow me to skip the graphics probing process. i dont know what you mean by “vesa” is that a DE as well? i’ll have you know i’m not a total noob, so i knew most of the stuff about setting it up myself.

as of now, when i start the computer up and boot into SUSE, i am greeted with the installation again. i believe starting with the network config.

i would like to know a way of getting through this without installing it yet again (puts a lot of strain on the HD you know. i want to keep my disk integrity yet.), but if i must, then i must.

if vesa is a low-gfx de, and i get through the installation with that, i guess i could always install GNOME or Xfce later. (i’m not a very big KDE fan.)

i have some pictures of the errors. this is what it looks like when i start the computer up. http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/3415/suse1.jpg
this is what happens when it DOESNT shut down the diplays. (the bugging part) http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/5039/suse2.jpg

sorry if the pics don’t look so good. i took them with my phone.

If you reboot from this point do you get grub

Could you backspace all the kernel arguments out and just type: 3

login as root
then do

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


or reboot if startx fails

I installed on a desktop with a DVD source. When I went through the normal route of using the GUI interface, the installer would drop me down to text mode for the video card detection. I didn’t get a blank screen, but rather a “do not panic, system will take a while to probe your video card” type message and a login prompt. (I did eventually login after 30 minutes to see what was going on and couldn’t tell much of anything.) When I went through the entire install process again with the text interface, the graphics card was detected within a few minutes and everything rebooted correctly.

So, my suggestion, install using text mode.


sorry guys, none of these work, i think i am going to have to give openSUSE a rest and try something else. i appreciate your help very much. i can assure you i am going to try opensuse when i get the opportunity, just, on another comp.