UpnP-av server?

Hello together,

tomorrow I should get a new hardware to install Suse the second time in my life. (Did so just for a sneak view on a 486…)
Objective: make it a handcrafted NAS to support my home network with five users.

Well, Samba will serve for the filesharing part as well as for the access part.

Longterm I intend to have a mediaplayer in my living room accessing the NAS/server via ethernet.
However, these units typically require a UPnP-AV server to provide the data.

So far I have not found any software that can be installed under Linux.

Can somebody help?
Txs in advance

Have a look at Uhare

GeeXboX uShare A free UPnP A/V & DLNA
Media Server for Linux

Have a search here;
Get It

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I have been working with TwonkyMediaserver rel. 4.4.5. Not free but stable and works well with Linux. I have version installed on Suse 10.0 and it comes already installed on Qnap NAS. I use it to serve mp3 files to hardware clients and am presently trying to find good software client to run on Opensuse 11.0 laptop.
Sorry no urls to hand but Google Twonky should get you started.
Hope this helps.