Uploaded images expiry/removal date

Would I be correct in assuming that images uploaded to a thread (using the image icon of the editor), don’t, unlike paste.opensuse.org, have an expiry/removal date and are effectively there “forever”?

Yep, as every modern and up-to-date forum software should behave. The paste.opensuse.org is a relict (IMHO) caused by the restricted old forum software…

Whilst it may be a relic it’s just recently had a facelift and the “forever” option no longer exists, 3 months now appears the maximum lifetime:

And this causes many problems. If i need help and search myself for a solution in old forum threads, click a link and it is not available anymore…the thread is useless for me and other users in the future as the solution may be hidden in the old link.

But this is/was a philosophy of openSUSE forum. The same like that it is not wanted to mark a thread as solved in this forum. I like the way as other forums are doing, because if i search for a solution of a problem i prefer to go to the thread which is marked “solved” because there is in most cases the solution included. Here i have to search in 100 threads for a hint…
And the argument that you want to hold a thread open for the future so that others can find the solution is a non valid argument. Instead of having a “solved” thread where you can search you need to search now 100 open threads…but so it is

About this susepaste, what’s the difference?
It is showing never (no expiry date)

The problem is the inconsistency of the “same” tool:

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