Uplay Install

Does someone has managed to install Uplay on Wine or PlayonLinux (openSUSE 42.1)?

I have installed it but the login field shows blank (white), maybe I’m missing something but I have no idea what :frowning:

Same thing for Origin

You can’t type in to that field? Or have you tried to see if the paste option is available in the field?

First of all thanks for the answer, yes I cannot type in it because I can’t see it I will try to install it with Crossover to see if will work or bot, I’m tired of using/dualboot windows

Really the best gaming is with windows or console
Though you may have some success with Steam

Did you check here BTW

Thanks I will try that version of Wine, also I do play on Steam more than half of my Steam library are ported to Linux and I do play AAA games without a problem, but I do have games that I do play on Origin and Uplay but I think I will remain with my Steam games :slight_smile: just to not go with Windows