hi all

i have recently decided to get rid of windows.:slight_smile:

have tried a couple other versions of linux, but, now that ive tried this one i think i will keep it.

i have installed ver 9.3. and would like to upgrade it to ver 11.

can i do this by an update/upgrade process or do i have to download and install all the other versions?


HI alving, welcome to the Forums.

There are such huge differences between 9.3 and 11.0 that you would be inviting problems by trying to upgrade. IMHO it’s best to take any data off and format/wipe and install 11.0 fresh. But don’t choose KDE4.0 from among the options because KDE4.0 is wildly experimental. Gnome and KDE5.3 are the stable and trustworthy versions.

Personally, if you like KDE, give KDE 4 a try. It is very stable.

If you like KDE then try the KDE live CD’s you will find it is very stable and trustworthy. If you try OpenSUSE 11.1 Beta 4 you can see just how far KDE has come and how Stable it is

You’re quite correct in that 11.1 has a stabler KDE4. I made a typo – I meant to say not to use 11.0 KDE4.0. KDE4.0 is quite problematic for new users (and experienced users too).

I’ve fixed that, but of course I couldn’t recommend any beta products to a new user except for purposes of assisting development.

Personally, I would agree with Swerdna that for most people KDE 4.0 is unstable. If you do decide to go the KDE 4 route, make sure you add the Factory repos and upgrade it to KDE 4.1.x which is pretty stable for most and adds in some missing functionality people wanted.


thanks for the info. i also talked to a friend of mine and he said that i could do a network install. (didnt know i could)

d/l network install for 11.0?, burned dvd and installed this afternoon. working pretty good so far.

i have no idea what version of KDE im using, seems ok so far.

will investigate and let you know.

will be coming back quite frequently for more info.

thanks for the help:)

i have been checking things out and found that i have KDE 4.0.

will spend some time exploring (getting to know what im doing) and upgrade/update to 4.1.x

i have been to Linux Online - Linux Courses and started reading the lessons that they have.
already learned a couple things and havent finished lesson 1 yet.

thanks to all
the most helpful forum i have been at yet:)

Excellent, hope you stay for a while :slight_smile:

have upgraded to KDE 4.1

thought something was wrong with computer when i got up this afternoon.
had to reboot (because of upgrades/updates)
boots way different now with KDE4.1, or maybe because of other updates. used to start with green screen with opensuse logo and progress bar.
now it starts with black screen and logo with icons for KDE4.1
to my relief it works just fine.

i was reading on another site about a book that supposedly will teach you mandrake(?) linux in 24 hours. is there such a book available for opensuse or could i use that one to at least give me some pointers as to what i would like to do.
i would eventually like to try my hand at writting some programs, probably games for my granddaughter.

Mandrake Linux is a very old form that has been supeceded soemwhere around 2005 by Mandriva Linux. So I think the book would have two disadvantages:

  1. I feel it would be heavily oriented to the Graphic User Interface of a discontinued distro
  2. It would be better to get a book that includes the newer software technologies

I don’t know of a 24-hour book for openSUSE. And I find the concept of a 24 hour book a bit far fetched. But hey this looks pretty interesting:
Teach Yourself LINUX in 24 Hours - Free Book Download

Actually I just had a flick through that and really it’s fine but it is nearly 400 pages so it’s not 24 hours or anything like that. I’ve found a much better one for you. Use your file manager/browser (Dolphin/Konqueror) to go to this location: /usr/share/doc/manual/opensuse-manual_en/manual/index.html
Open the index.html and a whole world of openSUSE learning is right there for you free, compliments of Novell.

i have downloaded the book, at 400 pages there is no way i could learn it in 24 hours.
it would take me about a year to read it.

i also had a quick look at the link provided for the index page, that will also take me a while to read, but, i think it will be the better one because it deals specifically with the OS that i have installed, where the other seems more generalized to linux overall.

thank you