Upgrading to OS 12.2

I have OS 11.4 installed and running. Can I upgrade to OS 12.2 using the installation DVD ? Or am I better off installing a separate distro for OS 12.2 ?

So, I feel your best bet is to do a clean install of ALL applications, but you just mount and do not format your /home partition. What that does is to maintain all personnel settings (Systems setting are not maintained) that require you to only reinstall the applications that you were using before. It is the best of both worlds, a clean install and a system upgrade. To effect such a thing I select custom partitioning, I edit every partition and mount them at the very same point as before. In fact, there is no need to change anything for a SWAP partition, just select swap as the partition type. For the old root / partition I do pick / and elect for it to be formatted. For your old /home, you mount as /home, but do not format it. If you have any other partitions, just remount at the same name as before and elect to not format them. If you are unclear what you had before you do the installation of openSUSE 12.2, I would run YaST / System / Partitioner in openSUSE 11.4, expand all hard drive partitions and print out (or record by hand) exactly what you have under openSUSE 11.4. Anyway, it is how I did it and what my opinion is for anyone else wanting to “upgrade” to openSUSE 12.2. Doing a real upgrade can/does work, but sometimes it does not and when doing a clean install, you know all applications are being loaded afresh from the right repositories with nothing left over or that something old not replaced might be present. It is how I would do it. For the record I did a backup of my fstab and smb.conf file to refer to later so they could be the same after the new installation was complete. Any other systems files you have modified might be good to backup before you do the install.

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On 2012-10-02 01:36, eldiener wrote:
> I have OS 11.4 installed and running. Can I upgrade to OS 12.2 using the
> installation DVD ? Or am I better off installing a separate distro for
> OS 12.2 ?

Offline upgrade method

It is possible. Caveats apply.

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(from 12.1 x86_64 “Asparagus” at Telcontar)

Upgrade possible? May be so.

Upgrade possible without issues? Probably not. The boot process is new compared to 11.4, and if you choose grub2 boot loader at install time so is that. You can also choose legacy grub. However the choice is new and legacy grub isn’t maintained. I chose legacy grub for now, without problems.

I kept 11.4 on my main system, as 12.1 remained on test. I chose to install cleanly from KDE liveCD onto my testing partition, whereas for a single step release change I would normally upgrade online with zypper. That means I could check 12.2 with liveCD, on my hardware before installing, and get familiar with the new release. However if you do that, I recommend you reboot from the liveCD before installing either from the boot menu or its desktop - you will see the option on screen for those. After the installer gets you to reboot, you should use YaST>Software Management>Installation Summary to review the list of packages waiting to be installed and accept it to complete the installation. Also run YaST’s Online Update to install the 30+ patches.

With that method the only issue I had (so far) was with apper, and that to me is a minor problem that corrected itself after a subsequent reboot. You may not be so lucky. :slight_smile: