Upgrading to 11.2

Right now I’m downloading suse 11.2 RC2 and my question is:
upon the availability of the final Release will I be able to updated the RC2 to the final release?

Dunno if it is a stupid question, but I’m having all sort of problems with 11.1 and I want to update my development computer ASAP. Is it sane to download, install and configure everything I need using the RC2?

I really wish I could start using the RC2 right now and be able to update it to the final release as soon as it hit the streets…

hear from you!

Yes you can.
Just don’t change any of the software repositories in Yast>Software Management and you’ll get all the updates as they come.
I’m using RC2 now and find it very stable.

A lot of us did just the same without problems going from RC1 to RC2 with

zypper ref
zypper dup

or the equivalent with YaST.

I just went from RC1 to RC2 with zypper dup

When the release is final, make sure your repo’s match official oss, non-oss, and updates
Then do

zypper ref
zypper in zypper libzypp
zypper dup

I did a fresh install of 11.2 yesterday on a Dell C840 laptop. I
am unable to get Firefox to import my bookmark.html file. It will
display the file on the screen, but reports that it is unable to
find the file! (KDE install)

On a previous version of 11.2, the previous installation disabled
the copy command for the same file (from a memory usb stick).

It is a KDE problem – there was no problem with Gnome.

The KDE installations do not recognize my wireless connection, but
recognize the ping command for the device, and report the correct
installed driver. Gnome works fine.

I do the test installs using older hard drives (swap) so I can
easily return to normal use.

It’s easy to import Bookmarks and by far the best way is to get your most recent bookmarksbackup
eg: .mozilla/firefox/3vbwf2j7.default/bookmarkbackups/bookmarks-2009-10-31.json

Though most users seem to find the .html method easier.

I always keep a backup of my old .mozilla folder and try to re-use that, but if it doesn’t work perfectly, the .json file will put your bookmarks back exactly as you had them. The .html method will not.

There are no issues importing bookmarks that I know of.