Upgrading RAM issue

Hi folks, I was upgrade my PC’s RAM to 4GiB on 32bit platform, the problem is when I set AGP appture size to 64 MiB suse was detect physical memory at 3.4 GiB but when I set AGP appture size to 32 MiB or lower physical memory was detected at 3.6 GiB but I can only boot with failsafe mode, desktop mode doesn’t work and screen goes to blank and I want to use the whole 3.6 GiB. Any idea?

So, my first thoughts on this subject is that an extra 200 to 400M is not going to cause any noticeable affect. I found some suggestions that without a PAE (Physical Address Extension) enabled Kernel & BIOS you are limited to 3.25 GB of memory. Here is one statement that I found on the net.


** The Linux kernel includes full PAE mode support starting with version 2.3.23,enabling access of up to 64 GB of memory on 32-bit machines. A PAE-enabled Linux-kernel requires that the CPU also support PAE (Physical Address Extension). As of 2009, many common Linux distributions have started to use a PAE-enabled kernel as the distribution-specific default because it adds the NX bit.

So perhaps you need to look at your BIOS setup to see if the NX bit can be turned on or off and to determine the compatibility of your CPU. But in the end, I would only use 32 bit if I needed or thought I needed the ultimate in compatibility, for perhaps multimedia operation, otherwise, I would stick with 64 bit.

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I know about PAE and I try to use with PAE kernel but still no luck and BIOS don’t have NX bit option.