upgrading machines to 11.2: results

I recently rebuilt my laptop from scratch, replacing a harddisk and installed openSUSE 11.1. On my desktop (an old homebrew desktop) and my HP compaq 6710b both still running 11.0 i updated to opensuse 11.1 today using these simple steps

zypper refresh
zypper dup (bringing everything to the latest version?)
mv /etc/zypp/repos.d /etc/repos.old
zypper ar <uri> 11.1
zypper refresh
zypper in zypper
zypper dup (-d would have been advisable)

ending up with a fresh, working 11.1 install

on all three machines i repeated these steps with the 11.2 uri and (boldly) on the last machine (Still pumping iron as i write this) adding the nvidia, packman, mozilla and non-oss repo’s aswell

the problems i have encountered where
on the (old)laptop none, even gwibber was updated
on the desktop upgrading to 11.1 killed it… the fstab bas totally screwed, and suddenly a filesystem was corrupted (was it?)

on the n6710b i could not login into a working window manager ended up with a nice mousepointer and some error messages. even <alt><f2> could not provide me with a run window
swwitching to another console i was able to move the .kde and .kde4 directories and reboot…

the login screen differs from the nice “green/brown” look giving me an icecold blue loginscreen (yergh. that is so 2008)
cubeswitching desktops does not work with the keyshortcut ctrl alt leftarrow or rightarrow… Shame!

gwibber was not migrated (maybe allready lost in the upgrade to 11.1
what i did not test (what i might do on a fresh 11.0 install) is a direct update to 11.2… and wireless (but i don’t trust wireless anymore)

poo is hitting the fan.

opensuse is not starting. /proc/modules not found… so in the panic shell commands like mount are not available. Now what!

in the boot.msg (which is from the last reboot and not from te last boot) i see where the problem originates:

error while loading shared libraries: libvolume_id.so.1: cannot open shared object: no such file or directory

/proc is almost empty (except for /proc/bus) so no network…

i have backed up my /boot/grub/menu.lst and edited it so it does not load by ID but by device…

why does it need a module that is not available in the 11.2 repo? (i’ve chekced… ) i hope someone can help me out

Think you’ve hit a problem that I found in 11.1.

Basically when building an initrd, what is used by the currently running kernel is used to generate new initrd. That makes it hard to change drivers, you used to be able to change driver by editting module list in /etc/sysconfig.

Why didn’t you simply do the supported YaST offline upgrade method for 11.0 -> 11.1?

If think your best hope of recovery without installing 11.2 into another partition and fixing the old by copying things across, is with 11.2 Live CD, then you can use a “chroot /mnt” to get a /bin/sh in new environment. Add stuff for /proc. This type of procedure is documented on Gentoo website, in “how to install Gentoo” from another running distribution.

Now I installed 11.1 from scratch into a prepared empty partition, and it took about 20 minutes with DVD and /var/cache on cheap USB flash memory formatted as ext2.

If you possibly can, find a few GB space for an 11.2 partition and do a clean install now, I should as tracking down the inevitable bugs in the debris, would be very time consuming.

hmm… refreshing this page reposts…

thanks for the help… the machine is old and tired and does not support newer disks anymore. so diskspace will be an issue.
i can try to download a dvd (but adsl is soooo slow her at home) and perform a reinstall from, the dvd…

Use a handy Linux Live CD to make some space to do a clean install in, doesn’t need to be openSUSE. You ought to be able to download and burn, openSUSE 11.2 Net Install disk fairly simply, whilst you work on that.

Then boot Net Install, and if your network is slow, pick something like minimal X install to begin with, so there’s not too long waiting. You can add things like KDE Desktop from Pattern afterwards once you know things are working again.

the solution was easy, downloaded the dvd (reluctantly) and ran install from there… (tried a repair first but it told me i was still on 11.1) an install fixed things.

next step get my ardour, and other audio stuff to work