upgrading from SLED 10.0 to openSuSE 11.0

I’ve major problem regarding package dependencies.

I defined repositories in yast for opensuse 11.0 - oss, non-oss, debug

when i try upgrade all packages to it’s newest version I get like a gazzilion depdency errors most of which regard libglib-2.0.s.0 being needed by XXX package.

I’ve tried upgrading libglib first, but it causes more dependecy errors most o which saying that some package (like envice, and other ‘important’ one) require older version of libgilb (libglib-2.0.s.0).

kinda vicious circle…
should I uninstall all these programs to upgrade libglib and then install them again?

I’m also trying to use suse 11 dvd iso image but I get an error: “Can’t parse packages file: Can’t open /var/lib/zypp/cache/Source.tLfo29/DATA/descr/packages”

You realise that SLED and OpenSUSE are essentially different distros, even though SLED is in a sense derived from OpenSUSE? It’s like trying to update from RHEL to Fedora.

Warning: I do not recommend you to do this**

Try the following >:)

add openSUSE oss and non-oss repository

upgrade “rpm” with yast
then install/upgrade package “zypper” with yast and all it’s dependencies.

then go back to the command line


#zypper sl

if that does not list any repository, add them with zypper again ( refer to the documentation available in en.opensuse.org/Zypper)

then run

zypper dup

good luck, this procedure is unsupported. rotfl!

The OP is using SLED which uses rug, however zypper is there but
doesn’t have the dup option in the version available.

@OP, what was up with the SLED version that was installed, was it SP2?
If so what features where you wanting as there are a lot of things
available for SLED from either the build service or ppc-services.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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