Upgrading from 9.2 to 11.1

Hi guys,

Do you know if it’s possible to upgrade from Suse 9.2 to 11.1? Do you have to go to an intervening step? Do you upgrade from 9.2 or do you insert the 11.1 and upgrade from there? Any tips welcome!


IMHO you should backup up EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.

And then do a clean install.

Edit: Better yet, try out 11.1 on a sandbox/test PC if you can first, to confirm your favorite apps run.

Go with olcpu’s idea, BTW did he say BACKUP EVERYTHING ? You have more chance of something major going wrong via upgrade than just wiping root & installing. Do you have /home on a separate partition ? then all your docs etc should be safe.But BACKUP first



My recollection is that /home was not separate back in 9.2 and also that the default filesystem was Reiser. So a clean install will sort both these out.