Upgrading from 11.1RC1 to 11.1?

If I install 11.1RC1 now, do I need to do anything later when 11.1 is released? (e.g. changing repository settings, etc.?)

Will it update automatically by Yast Online Update?

Are there any other drawbacks that should cause me to wait for 11.1? (e.g. are the repositories for the automatic binary Nvidia driver installation available already? Unfortunately, the open source drivers only manage 800x600.)

The thing is: I am switching laptops; the new machine is already there. Usually I am running both in parallel for a couple of days anyway (using Unison synchronizer on my data), so if there is a real bug, I could continue to be productive by quickly going back to the old machine.

I fully plan to upgrade to 11.1 GM from 11.1 rc1. With the correct repos & updates, you will be comfortably safe.

However, when the boxed version is available from Novell, I will do a clean install of that; but, it is not absolutely necessary – just makes me feel better, I guess.

Plus, my 59 bucks will help keep Novell/SuSE’s engineers pumping out all those neat updates/upgrades we need – for example, they have a team that works to improve the Linux kernel (I also like to get the hardcopy Startup Manual).

Have fun:)

You can upgrade rc1 -> final with ‘zypper dup’. Just make sure you use the official repos, and not “factory” at that point - should happen “automatically”, but best to be safe.

Of course there are lots and lots of little drawbacks with running an RC1… if you really want to play it safe you wait until about 2 months after release :wink:

All depends on your willingness to accept little inconveniences.

Are you saying that you have pay $59 for what I thought is practically free (Open-Source) Operating System??

No! No! No!
The $59.00USD is for a boxed disk set from NOVL with support & a few extras. It’s your option to buy it. If you want to use Opensuse11.1 you can still get it at no cost just dl’d as you have.
By doing so you will get Opensuse11.1 you won’t have the support from NOVL you’d get with the box set. Your support will be just us;)
Have no fear we are a very adept bunch.:slight_smile:

Methinks you read too much into my statement.

“I will do a clean install of that; but, it is not absolutely necessary”

I was trying to say that you can stay with openSUSE 11.1 GM as many do. I’ll never ever tell you that you have to do anything (especially with money).

many peopole support their distro’s in many different ways. Some support them through finanical means, be it donations, or buying a boxed version. Some support it through filing bug reports. Some support it through helping out in forums, mailing lists, helping with web design, etc, etc. We should all find a way that we can help out our distro’s, the linux community, etc, etc.

Anyways there is no stipulation that says open source software must be free. Free speech vs free beer and all that.