Upgrading from 10.3

Hi all,

My first post on this new merged forum space.

Wonder if somebody did not yet thought to implement an installation media in order to make smooth upgrades starting from openSUSE 10.3 toward the newer versions.

I think that this feasibility would be very interesting.


Hi if you had done a search you’d have found this :wink: There’s a few more…


Yes but in the other thread it was from 10.2.

A lot depends on your Harddrive setup.

If you have only SATA or only IDE it should be no Problem to do an upgrade. If you have a mixed environment it could spell trouble.

Hello Geoffro and KunzeS,

Yes I confess: I’ve not made any search about the topic,
it was mostly a strong desire to post something on this new forum:p

Well, I really would like to start the upgrade to openSUSE 11.0 right now, but AFAIK new releases are always affected by several bugs, so I decided to wait further and look to the users feedbacks until I see that the new version is stable enough to worth the upgrading.

In the meanwhile I will continue to enjoy my 10.3.

At present I am using a dual boot (Vista/SUSE) SATA 80GB disk and my /home is separate from / dir; in any case I am not very pleased to make configuration restoring especially when I have a system running almost smoothly.