How often does Suse do an upgrade? I am new and using the latest
11.1 …

If you mean the next release 11.2, OpenSUSE 11.2 - openSUSE
Due November 2009

Yes I meant release, so I guess twice a year? Are you able to upgrade to the new release or is a clean install neccessary?

Upgrade is possible though I rarely even try that. If you plan an upgrade - leave it a month or so from release. The complication with Upgrade is all your 3rd Party applications (eg;Packman). But I have done it on test machines, change all the repo’s to the new version, drop to level 3 CLI and run zypper dup.
But for me - I would just do a new install, keep /home (or back it up). I can have everything back to normal in about a hour.

Upgrading using zypper dup is not officially supported yet. :wink:

I believe an objective for the final release of 11.2 (november) is to fully support version upgrading.

Hey thanks! See you in November.