Upgraded to 13.1 from 12.2: Great Job on an excellent OS

I’ve been an openSUSE KDE user for several years and use it as my workstation at work (I use VirtualBox for MS Windows work), and have it on my personal laptop as well.

I finally upgraded both to 13.1 a few weeks ago and am really pleased with the result.

Thanks to all those who put in the effort to deliver a great product.

Hello and welcome here.

Nice you are satisfied with you 13.1 openSUSE version. And you are welcome to tell that to us, your fellow openSUSE users, but maybe you should be aware of:

  • the developers (to whome most praise should go) are in general not visiting these forums, so your intention is fine, but it will miss most of the addressees;
  • you posted this in one of the technical help forums, but I do not think you are asking for help, thus next time please use one of Community & Fun forums (e.g. General Chit-Chat) for a thread like this.