Upgraded machine boots slower than new install?


recently I have installed a brand new machine with 11.2. Machine boots so incredibly fast so I decided to upgraded another older machine from 11.1 to 11.2.

Upgrade went fine but old machine boots significantly slower. On new I see message “doing fastboot” and few seconds later KDE starts loading. Amazing. On old I just experience regular boot, speed is comparable to old 11.1.

What am I missing after upgrade? Same kernel, almost same set of services. Both machines are pretty regular PCs/x86_64, however old one have faster/better hardware (more cores, more GHz, more RAM, 2 disks in software raid-0).

any hints appreciated.

Do an install. Updates leave behind old scripts and configurations. The new methods used in start are radically different. A clean install is the only sure way to clean out all the old dross. You can keep your data by telling the installer NOT to format the home partition.