Upgraded kernel with 11.1 install

Hi all,
my nvidia mcp78 sata controller is only supported in kernels 2.6.28 and newer. I can follow the opensuse kernel compiling howto but to install to my new hard disk I need the more recent kernel at install time, not after it. How do I get around this? Can I somehow make my own special iso? :-S

Thanks heaps.

You will need to go to kernel.org and download the source and then compile and install it as per the how-to.

Perhaps I’m missing something…
I’m following this howto:
How To Compile A Kernel - The SuSE Way | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
And at the end I have an rpm, but how do I get the installer to recognise that as the kernel to run the installation with?

You have a bootstrapping problem. Perhaps it might be easier to install the OS using another disk controller, then add the new kernel and move the disk over to the new controller.

Have you investigated to see if you can compile the controller driver as a module for the stock kernel and then load it (not sure how) in the first stage of the installation.

I’m currently looking into the compiling the control driver as a module but I haven’t had much luck. Alas, I can’t move the disk as it only has a sata interface.

Also I just got this error after 2 hours of compiling:

line 56: Dependency tokens must begin with alpha-numeric, '_' or '/':

I think I might not have installed something important.

If you realy need a newer kernel (i’m running 2.6.29) and do not want to compile yourself, you can get it from the repos, add this one to your software installer:
Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_Factory

Mind that this is the Factory kernel. On my laptop I’ve had no problems, on the main machine I’ve got some problems running VM’s (VMware and VirtualBox).
Concerning the laptop, there’s a bit more: it has never run this fast, with all hardware recognized and fully operational.

With some more searching I found a fix that allowed me to use the 2.6.27 kernel.
Boot Option: pci=nomsi when installing. I was unable to get it to work out of the box on the .29 kernel so that lead to this more thorough search.

Summary: the sata controller on the nvidia MCP78 chipset worked with the 2.6.27 kernel and the boot option pci=nomsi

How does this - using a 2.6.29 kernel from HEAD - affect other packages,
such as ‘linux-kernel-headers-2.6.27-x.x’ and ‘module-init-tools’? Can
you install the 2.6.29 kernel packages and retain the 2.6.27
linux-kernel-headers package without causing problems with your system?

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what problems did you have with VMs?