Upgraded 15.2 -> 15.3 but reboots into 15.2

I’ve had OpenSUSE 15 LTS on an HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 for some while and successfully upgraded to 15.1 and 15.2 as LTS versions became available.

I’ve just upgraded to 15.3 - in the sense that all of the necessary packages upgraded after adding the 15.2 repo-update repository then running “zypper refresh” and “zypper update” - but after the reboot 15.2 is still loaded. All of the repos use the “$releasever” parameter (i.e. not hardcoded) and the upgrade was initiated with…

zypper --releasever=15.3 dup --download-in-advance --allow-vendor-change

… and didn’t show up any real issues whilst the 2100+ packages were downloaded and installed: another “zypper refresh” and “zypper update” shows that there are still 50 to 60 more to go, but that’s not unexpected, assuming that they weren’t explicitly listed in the 15.2 repo-update repository. As I’d rather just complete the upgrade rather than find out what’s wrong, I’m thinking of downloading and burning an “offline” Leap 15.3 DVD and using that instead, but am I missing something obvious? I don’t have any non-OpenSUSE repos so I didn’t need to disable any before upgrading and enable any afterwards.

Do you have $releasever in all the URLs for the repos???

If you upgraded from earlier versions then 13.2 the URLs may be setup wrong. In which case you may be pulling from the 15.2 repos

Many thanks for the prompt response… you pointed me in the correct direction. Sorted!

I started off making absolutely sure that the “raw” URL contained the $releasever parameter and that it was “showing” as 15.2… then I spotted the little sucker at the bottom of the list… I’ve no idea where that came from.
My mistake was to look at the right-hand side, I didn’t spot that this repo duplicated the one second from the top but was hard-coded. Because I thought I’d already checked the OSS repo I didn’t examine it properly… hence, it was screwing up the update. Mind you, deleting it and re-running the upgrade sorted things… kudos to all of the Linux community responsible for writing decent code that made this fail gracefully… it’s appreciated.

Edit: The screen image isn’t displaying, it looks like it’s a site restriction… :frowning:

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