Upgraded 11.0 > 11.1 - cant run x window

I dl the new release cd today and tried running it but could only get to a console login. So I did the sudo zypper dup and following the guidance from another post I successfully upgraded to 11.1 or so it seemed. When I restarted it wont go into x window however I can login to console. The error I got when manually running startx is that it couldnt load the nvidia kernel. If anyone has some suggestions on this Im all ears. I was going to just run the install but didnt get that far. I am not concerned with any data so I can do most anything. I am running a dual boot with XP. Thanx…

login to level 3 as su
and do

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


Now re-install the nvidia driver, making sure you have new 11.1 repo

You might want to download the file from nvidia too and put it in /home/uname
just in case you need to manual install