Should I upgrade to Open SuSE 11.1 64 bit. Or not (rhetorical question) I am just thinking to my self. So I said self you have 11.0 running about the way you want so should you give 11.1 a try. What doses everyone else thank? When 11.1 is ready are you going to upgrade.
Thanks JD

Well you don’t have to. It just depends on your nature. If your a total Nerd, you probably will move on. But it’s not necessary to do so with every release. Just don’t get left behind. Do the upgrade every other release.

I’m a nerd so I’m looking forward to 11.1.
I have had so much fun make everything work the way I want since open suse10.0. I’m going to do it again with the new distro. Everyone should wait till I download my ISO though :wink: