Upgrade won't install bootloader

I am upgrading from 42.1 to 42.2 using the Yast upgrade from the DVD. All went well until the installation of the bootloader. It aborts with the error message “Command usr.sbin.parted -sm /dev/sda print failed. Can’t have partition outside hard disk”. I had my bootloader installed in root and asked to do that again. 42.1 was installed as a legacy system and my BIOS allows for both UEFI and legacy systems. In any case, there ends up being no bootloader recognized and I can’t boot into my upgraded system. I used whatever was default on the first upgrade attempt and tried to fix things by explicitly telling it to install to root and not use EFI. No joy.

How do I get this system to boot??

Are you sure that the current proper partitions ar selected. If you just do an install it wants to add a new OS not upgrade. Also don’t change boot methods stick with the one you have.

I did an upgrade. It recognized my root partition and upgraded that partition. It did not do a new install.

The error indicates that the set up used is out of range of the available sectors

The DVD should be bootable either with MBR legacy booting or UEFI booting.

If, by chance, you booted the DVD the UEFI way, that probably confused things. Maybe check if you can boot the MBR Legacy way, and then repair (or re-upgrade) and see if it then gets things right.

Please paste output of “fdisk -l”.

Fixed. I had a partition error which I was able to fix with GParted. Got past this problem, thank goodness.