Upgrade - Which option to choose

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to upgrade my distribution, but I am having the following message and I´m not sure which option to choose:

Sie sind im Begriff, eine Distributionsaktualisierung mit allen aktivierten Repositorys durchzuführen. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass diese Repositorys kompatibel sind, bevor Sie fortfahren. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Kommando finden Sie unter 'man zypper'.
Distributions-Aktualisierungen werden verarbeitet...
2 Probleme:
Problem: Problem mit dem installierten libfdk-aac2-2.0.2-1.14.x86_64
Problem: Problem mit dem installierten libfdk-aac2-32bit-2.0.2-1.14.x86_64

Problem: Problem mit dem installierten libfdk-aac2-2.0.2-1.14.x86_64
 Lösung 1: install libfdk-aac2-2.0.0-2.1.x86_64 from vendor openSUSE
  replacing libfdk-aac2-2.0.2-1.14.x86_64 from vendor http://packman.links2linux.de
 Lösung 2: veraltetes libfdk-aac2-2.0.2-1.14.x86_64 beibehalten

Wählen Sie aus den obigen Lösungen mittels Nummer oder Sie (u)eberspringen, (w)iederholen oder brechen (a)b [1/2/u/w/a/d/?] (a):

Basically conflicts between Packman and OpenSUSE repository for libfdk-aac.

Thank you very much in advance!

Try that: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/565655-16-problems-with-packages-relating-to-quot-gstreamer-quot?p=3102225#post3102225

To @marouane87:

Two remarks about the way you posted:

Please do always post the complete action, that is from and including the prompt:command line, all output and the next prompt line.
As it is now, we only have some output, but we can not check if the command you used was the correct one.

Either post in the German language section of these forums, or precede your commands with LANG=C, so that people here in the English language section can understand the output e.g.:

LANG=C zypper dup

Thank you both and I´m sorry about the log, I will try the command parameter next time. As for the message itself, trying again now to inclcude englisch has disappeared. Probably the package was updated from OpenSUSE or Packman reposetory in the meantime(?)

So, it´s solved. Thank you again!