Upgrade to next point release by unskilled user on death of normal LEAP administrator?

Death of openSUSE administrator.
We, I and my wife, are old and one must consider say my death before her death. We both use openSUSE (presently LEAP 15.1) [Since SuSE 9] and each year, I have updated from downloaded DVD of next point both her and my openSUSE computers.
Due to illness in last few weeks, I realise if I die, there is no “upgrade to next LTS version” built into openSUSE as there is in Ubuntu LTS upgrade/update settings, and she will be left on older point version. We have no local Linux users in our village who could help, download and install next point release or thereafter.
Local computer shop help is Windows only.

What would the forum suggest to allow her to continue to use her openSUSE after I was unable to do a point upgrade?
All your workable suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

Going forward it should be as simple as switching to root user and running;

zypper --releasever <next-version> dup

For example

zypper --releasever 15.2 dup

We have plenty of online documentation available but it’s not a certainty non-technical people will easily absorb the info in the articles…
Still, if a person can know beforehand that the “tech-speak” can be overcome if you ask the right person, they can still be helpful.

The upgrade procedure is described in a couple of SDB articles,
The online upgrade as described by Malcolm is in the following

There is another “offline” way that involves downloading an ISO file, burning to DVD, inserting the DVD and booting to it… This is the common way all PCs are installed, even Windows so although there are more steps and work than the above procedure, it’s more familiar to people who have installed software from DVD before.

If you take your machine to the local PC repair shop, even if they never have touched a Linux machine before they can follow the instructions in the above articles and do the work for you… costing you about no more than an hour of their time, more if they’ll charge you while they’re waiting for downloads to complete and for the machine to do its automated work (no input from any human).

Anyone can post in this Forum as you’ve done and someone will answer any questions you have.
Linux is more or less for those who are inclined to do what they can to figure things out. If your wife understands nowadays this is often more a mindset than reality, a positive “can do” approach will take her a long ways… And, I’m sure she could be invigorated by the online discussions she’ll have whenever she has a problem of any kind.

My condolences on your health,
Hope you’re comfortable and enjoy as you can.


Would be interesting if the “powers that be” have implemented --releasever properly, I haven’t checked.
A few months ago, the SDB articles were modified prematurely using the variable and wouldn’t work…
Will be very cool when it does work, but the whole repo ecosystem needs to support before it can be recommended… until then, the legacy method to define the version specifically by text characters instead of variable is the more reliable way to write commands.

Also, I’m not sure you’re using releasever correctly…
AFAIK it’s supposed to be a <substitute replacement> for the numeric part of the distro name in the command string…
At least that’s what I saw awhile ago and did some testing…
Or, this is a new method I didn’t see before.

Maybe time to check that again.


Many thanks.
I understand it cannot be automated by a preset (as in Ubuntu LTS).
I would not suggest the zypper dup CLI method to my wife. A “Mistake” could leave her with a useless computer.
(Slightly worried that there are doubts on the script by more knowledgable folk than I. Thanks tsu2.
“Would be interesting if the “powers that be” have implemented --releasever properly, I haven’t checked.”

I do upgrades the offline way normally, either by downloading next point openSUSE DVD or awaiting its issue via my Linux Magazine (Linux Magazine PRO in USA) subscription.

Provided we get to LEAP 15.2, I will show her how.
I also have to teach her how to add packman repository after upgrade and change to it. [Necessary to use public broadcasting BBC in UK on Firefox, BBC news videos and repeat or time-shift program viewing. (e.g. BBC iPlayer)].

Many thanks.
I filed the documentation page references; so she could get our local IT person to do it, if necessary.
Thank you to forum readers for help.

Again thanks for help.

I keep get_iplayer up to date here…